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A Tale of Stitches

Yesterday I had the good fortune of attending Stitches East in Baltimore, with my friend Dina from knitting group. I really had a great time! It was different from attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, because that show has a decidedly more local, and small farmer, flavor. This was fun because I got to meet so many people, vendors and friends, who came from all over for the event.

Almost right away I met Tina Whitmore from KnitWhits, which is one of my favorite pattern stores. She happened to have the blocking tiles set on hand, which I purchased and I also picked up a pattern and a little kit for a felted flower. It was great to meet Tina, too… whose work I have admired and much want to learn how to do. She and I seem to have a similar sense of color, which is, I think, what attracts me to many of her designs.

Trish and Alison Hyde
Trish and Alison Hyde

At long last, I got to meet the one and only Alison Hyde! Finally! We’ve been writing back and forth online for years, so it was really great to meet her at Lisa Souza’s booth. It was clear that this wonderful lady has many fans! She’s the author of Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls, and I have the book already and aspire to knit something from it someday. In fact, one of the ladies who she made a shawl for was also there, and she was wearing the actual shawl from the actual book. That was fun to see! Anyway, it was fun to finally meet Alison and the great Lisa Souza.

At some point while I was in line at one booth, an announcement came over the loudspeaker that Vivian Hoxbro would be on hand to sign her latest book, Knit to Be Square: Domino Designs to Knit and Felt. Well, since I am a newly converted fan of Domino Knitting, I decided to make a break for it and head straight over. Vivian was a delight to talk to, and she was even wearing the abstract stole (Ravelry Link) from the book. It was cool!

I got the new book and she graciously signed it for me:

Knit to Be Square book cover
Knit to Be Square book cover
Knit to Be Square signed on the inside
Knit to Be Square signed on the inside

I even had my very first Vivian Hoxbro square from my Mitered Square Babette Blanket in progress in my purse, and I was able to show it off. She commented that my fist square was HUGE (it is!) but I am going for a really big blanket. I guess we’ll see how it turns out!

Of course I got lots of yarn! There’s one more hank I got that isn’t in these photos, because Dina has it (phew… I thought I forgot it somewhere!) but I’m sure I’ll see her soon. As always, click on the photos to see a larger version and to read more details about each photo.

This was such a great day! It was my first time at Stitches and I found out on Friday that next year, the convention is moving back to Hartford. So it will probably be my last time at Stitches. So, I’m glad I have so many fun people and yarn memories. I guess they’ll have to last me a while.

Thanks to Dina for taking me to Stitches East! I had a blast! I just wish I could say that I can’t wait for next year.

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4 responses to “A Tale of Stitches”

  1. Joan Hamer Avatar
    Joan Hamer

    I’m glad you had a good time. I didn’t make it this year. Now you can’t say it’s been 26 days since you bought yarn!

  2. AlisonH Avatar

    It was wonderful to finally get to meet you! Thank you for the kind words!

  3. RobinM Avatar

    I am green with envy. I will just have to settle down and remind myself that I got to go last year, if not this year. Maybe knitting will help….

  4. Tina Avatar

    Hi Trish,

    It was lovely to meet you after so many emails we’ve exchanged online! I really enjoy meeting my favorite and long time customers! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Maybe I’ll see you again next year..


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