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Stick to Your Knitting, Trish

mitered square in progress
mitered square in progress

You might be wondering why I haven’t been focusing on my knitting in this blog lately. The truth is, there hasn’t been much knitting to blog about!

So I thought I’d show you the progress on my giant garter stitch mitered square. Believe it or not, that bit has about one and a half skeins of Noro Kureyon in it, and it has a ways to go! I think I will put a complementary color of Wool of the Andes in the center when I run out rather than try to find a third skein of the same color in the Noro.

I plan to make a sort of rainbow-y patchwork of squares, picking up stitches along the sides of existing squares to create new ones. There will be several different sizes of squares. I’m using the layout chart from the Babette Blanket as a guide. Of course, though, it’s just in my head for now, because I haven’t yet begun to add the second square. But I do think in theory it will work. In any event, I am finding the endless rows of garter stitch to be a nearly foolproof comfort.

Even the hat I am knitting right now, the one I am knitting for my daughter? It too is plagued with problems. I am just noticing now that one of the wedge sections has an extra increase in it that the other sections do not. I am thinking I should just ladder down to that extra kfb and get rid of it, hoping that the surrounding stitches will eventually take up the slack of the bit of extra yarn that the extra stitch created. Or should I just rip back? I do hate frogging so the thought of this has caused me to put the hat aside, much to my daughter’s disappointment. I could knit two together somewhere in that wedge and pretend the extra stitch never existed, but I am afraid that the hat will look lopsided in some way.

Does anybody out there have thoughts on this? Which method should I try? Thanks for the input… my daughter would be forever grateful.

I am planning to attend Stitches East for the first time this weekend. Who’s going? I hope to meet you there!

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

2 responses to “Stick to Your Knitting, Trish”

  1. Tricia McDonald Avatar

    The mitered square looks great! I have often ogled that yarn in the shops, but have never used it yet. So pretty.

    As for the hat question, personally I would be inclined to frog it, because I would figure that re-knitting would be less work than trying to pluck at the surrounding stitches once it’s laddered to try to even them out. But if you don’t mind that work, I’d try laddering it and see what you think. The only option I definitely wouldn’t try is the knitting two together, because it might create an odd look. Anyway, that’s just my personal take on it, and I’m no expert, just a long-time knitting fanatic! Good luck with it anyway. 🙂

  2. […] even had my very first Vivian Hoxbro square from my Mitered Square Babette Blanket in progress in my purse, and I was able to show it off. She commented that my fist square was HUGE […]

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