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Last week’s time change means that we all of a sudden have been plunged into darkness–the deep, gloomy black kind of sky that sets in even before I get to leave work for the day. I really hate it because the skylights in our new building at work, though they show the light brightly when the sun shines, they also accentuate the deepness of the darkness at dusk.

It is at this time of year when I find myself turning to the knitting even more. Thank goodness for the knitting. Perhaps this is why I gravitate toward bright colors generally; they counteract the effects of winter darkness. Yes, that must be it. But then again, what is my most favorite color? Deep, dusky purple. Almost, but not quite, black. Go figure!

I’ve decided that I need to pick back up on my daughter’s hat:

my daughter's school spirit hat
my daughter’s school spirit hat

I posted my problem about having an extra stitch on Ravelry and on my KnitHatsNow group. Most folks who responded said that one stitch isn’t that big a deal, and that I can ignore it until I have to adjust for the ribbing. Even Sarah Bradberry, whose book on hats I really admire, said she would ignore it, adding the encouraging phrase, “when this happens to me…” It happens to her? Wow. If extra stitches happen to THE hat lady, and she feels good about ignoring them, then hey, it’s good! I’ll live to knit another day. My daughter is especially thrilled that she will be getting her hat sooner rather than later. Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts; I truly appreciated them all.

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Listen to this article

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