…and a lot of other stuff, too!


From time to time I have been known to write an article or two, or a few poems here or there. I had originally intended to keep this stuff up on my personal blog, but this is the blog that I update most often. So, I thought I’d share my writings here. Thanks for reading!


Doing Yesterday’s Work Tomorrow
This is an article I wrote while in college during the last weeks of the semester before Christmas Break. Seeing as it’s the holiday season at the moment that I am posting this, I thought I’d share it here, now. Enjoy!

A Journey to Motherhood
I wrote an article for now-defunct Horizons Newspaper, in Maryland, shortly after the birth of my daughter. Over the next several years the article was republished in excerpts or in updated forms. A couple of existing versions are linked from this page.

What I Am Thankful For
This is my blog post from Thanksgiving Day, 2008. I often struggle to remember the simpler things. Perhaps I need to read my own words more often.

The Christmas Spirit
I wrote this little story of Christmas in 1979, when I was just 14 years old. I remember too well that being 14 was an awkward time for me, and some of that is reflected in those words. Still, I find myself to be proud that I could write such a story at that age. I shared it with my own daughter this Christmas season, and so now I am sharing it with you.