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Way to go, America!

I went first thing this morning to vote. They said on the news that the lines were terrible and many people were already waiting for hours by 7 a.m. when the polls actually opened in Maryland. The parking lot at our polling place was more crowded than I have ever seen it and the line actually snaked around the entire inside of the school building. I had never seen that before, either.

I had my knitting, and I was ready. Mindless garter stitch is good for stuff like this, waiting in lines. It was going to be a long haul, I thought. But then, a poll worker came up to me and told me I could go to the front. I guess being in a wheelchair does have some perks sometimes, but really, waiting in lines does not bother me. I told them it would not matter to me if I went through the line if my DH could not, since we came together. But they let him come up, too.

Turns out they have provisional wheelchair accessible parking on Election Day and they wanted to keep turning it over. So, in the end, while I was a bit disappointed to be deprived of being able to tell my “I waited in line for two hours” story, we spent the time by going to Starbucks afterward. So, it’s all good. Only 20 stitches were knit today. But there’s something much bigger unfolding in front of us. I am so looking forward to the ride.

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