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The What-I-Was-Doing-Instead-of-Attending-My-Niece’s-Inaccessible-Wedding Report

Today is Kristen and Mike’s wedding day. While I am very sad to be anywhere but there, circumstances prevented my attending. Still, that didn’t mean I was going to stay home and feel sorry for myself, even if in my heart of hearts that’s what I most wanted to do. So instead of heading to Western Maryland for the big event of the day, I instead went with my family to my boss’s annual fall chili party at her family’s horse farm.

As you can see in the video, there was this one horse who was very, very friendly. Let me tell you, you’ve not yet lived until you’ve been licked behind your ears by a horse! I rather felt like Fred Flinstone when Dino greets him at the end of the workday.

Here are some other shots from our time on the farm:

As usual, please click the thumbnail to see a bigger version of the photo and read the caption.

All in all, it was a great day! Perfect weather. Yummy chili. And an excellent way to spend an Autumn afternoon.

One response to “The What-I-Was-Doing-Instead-of-Attending-My-Niece’s-Inaccessible-Wedding Report”

  1. TB Avatar

    That horse looked like he thought you had an apple behind your ear! 😉 What a sweetie. And I love the giggle in the back ground, that makes the video!

    Have a Great Day!


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