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halloween light fixture in the rain
halloween light fixture in the rain

Today was one of those days where the sun just refused to shine. It’s that time of year where the sun doesn’t come up until about 7:30 in the morning, which is bad enough by itself. But today, it seemed like daylight just never came. The sky was heavy and gray with the beginnings of autumn colors in the foreground. And it was cold. I waited, certain that the sun would come streaming in my window by mid morning, but there I sat, cold and dejected as if I’d been stood up on a blind date.

It was cold and dark, a perfect match for my rapidly worsening mood. We went from summer to winter in the space of one day. Perfect knitting weather, but I have to get out of my slump first. I’m still working on the simple hat I started last week and the garter stitch mitered square. Alas new photos of either one at this stage would be too boring to show. But I do think that the mindless knitting required for each is just what I need right now.

The sun will come out…. tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow…. there’ll be sun….


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