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We Got the Spirit!

beginning of school spirit hat
beginning of school spirit hat

I started a new hat again! This time, it’s a plain stocking cap, in my daughter’s school colors. I plan to make a white band, and then write “Lady Hawks” in duplicate stitch on the front. I’m so bad at secrets. I was trying to keep this as a surprise for my daughter, but could not. So now she knows, sooner than I originally wanted her to. Oh well… at least she squeed with delight at the very thought of having her own custom hat in school colors. She said when her friends see it, they’re all going to want one. To which I taught her the appropriate response:

“My mom can teach you how to knit.”

You go, girl.

Not much else going on. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the last couple of weeks and I’m not feeling well. I have even less energy than usual and I would rather just crawl into bed and sleep for a week. Must be that Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking in. Ah yes. My favorite time of year.

I gotta snap out of it quick, though. Just found out today that my DH’s entire family will all be in the same zip code for Thanksgiving Dinner… OURS! Egad. That’s the one thing about being in a wheelchair that makes life interesting sometimes. My house is the only one that is wheelchair accessible so everyone comes here. Not that I mind, except that my house looks like one giant attic that needs cleaning out. Wish us luck; it’s going to be a long month of house cleaning. But SO worth it in the end. I love my husband’s family.

Tegan says:

cat sitting inside a hat
cat sitting inside a hat

I’m off to bed early for a change. Catch you next time I’m more awake!

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