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Yarn Diet? Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

yarn in rainbow colors

So Wendy Johnson started this thing called Knit From Your Stash 2007. What a grand idea! My husband and my mother both complain about my sizeable piles and boxes of yarn. I’ve got plenty to knit with that will last me probably quite a few years. But you see, I’ve got this teensy little problem! People keep giving me reasons to do things with yarn, and there are times when nothing already in the stash will do! Even Wendy has an exception for knitted gifts, right?

So a couple weeks ago when a coworker announced that she was pregnant, I just had to get some brightly colored, soft yarn, with which to make the best rainbow-y colored blanket ever! I’ll admit that it is not a terribly expensive yarn, but it is super-soft, and washable! Which are two things that would be way high up on my friend’s priority list.

But what to do with the yarn? I’m still debating. I’m leaning most toward a pattern I just discovered in Knitty, Lizard Ridge. But I’ve also visited the exquisite designs at Wooly Thoughts, and am even considering the Flying Geese Blanket from Mason Dixon. And then my friend Rhoda got me the Kaffe Fassett’s Pattern Library from the library where she volunteers. Such an inspiration! Man, I have no idea how people just dream up this stuff. I’m dizzy! I have no idea which design I will finally pick.

purple yarn, gray yarn, black yarn in hanksBut of course, there’s more than just the yarn for my friend’s baby blanket. Why, that yarn is almost excusable! I’ve also been amassing, accidentally and on purpose, some quantities of wool. Wool is a good basic thing to have in one’s stash, no? Well, I finally found a shade of purple that I adore, and Cascade 220 makes it! I bought enough to make a felted bag, but when it arrived I decided that it was so perfect that someday it will be a hat, scarf and mittens for me. HAD to get some gray to go with it, but when I originally placed the order, instead of the purple, they sent black! I was going to send it back, as generally I hate black yarn and what was I going to do with 8 hanks anyway? Then I decided to use some as trim for my mother’s green hat, and my daughter has been begging me to use the rest in a black hat for her. So we shall see. G~d, I hope she’s not going goth already! Help me!

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