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New Year, Old Project

Santa Hat growing longer

Happy New Year! As predicted last month, I didn’t finish my Santa Hat project in time for the holidays. But I’m still enjoying working on it, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m on row 46 of 107 of the decrease rounds, and they’re finally feeling like they’re decreased enough to go faster. I’m already planning my next several projects, but am determined to finish this one first.

I get lots of questions about this pattern, because it is so unique with the spirals and cables. I can tell you that it was featured by KnitPicks, in a pattern called “A Trio of Cabled Hat Patterns”. I guess it didn’t sell very well or something because they don’t carry it anymore. This particular hat is called “Long Winter’s Nap.” I wish they hadn’t stopped carrying it, because I do get so many questions about it since starting to blog about this project. To be fair, I did buy the pattern last year when they were promoting it, but I could not work on it at that time because my dad passed away just before Christmas and I was having a hard time doing any knitting, much less something with a festive theme. And now that it’s a year later, and I’m actually excited about the project and people are writing to me about it, it’s no longer available. Sorry! Oh well, I guess it’s like picking up a magazine two years after the fact and knitting a pattern from it.

Kntting and Good Friends

colorful soft scarfLast Saturday my knitbuddy Rhoda and I got together for some knitting time, and in the end, neither one of us knit a stitch! We spent a long time looking at knitting books and getting inspiration for future projects, and then Rhoda helped me ball up some hanks of green yarn that I plan to make a hat for my mother with.

As a lovely surprise, Rhoda presented me with this lovely, rainbow-y scarf. She had brought it here one other time as a WIP, and I admired it dearly then. So imagine my surprise when she gave it to me! I wore it to work yesterday and got lots of compliments. Thanks, Rhoda! It’s beautiful, and I love it.

In the “Now I’ve Seen Everything” Department

Someone posted this site on one of my mailgroups recently: Citizen Skein. This page contains things that I would just never imagine ever knitting! (Warning, the site contains images of knitted “ahem” body parts!!) I’m now even more convinced that too many people have too much time on their hands.

closeup of grey fluffy cat faceAnd Zöe says, Happy New Year; now go away!

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