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santa hat looking really long!

I was knitting with Rhoda yesterday, and I commented to her that there was no way I could be getting gauge on this hat, because it was only supposed to take 3 balls of the main color, and here I am, at the end of the third ball, and nowhere near done. Now, I know sometimes that happens in knitting, but late last night it hit me. I’ve made a mistake. A pretty big one.

See how there’s a stockinette band on either side of the cable band? In doing my decreases, I’ve decreased the band on one side, but not the other!! How dumb to miss that! I thought the decreases were seeming like they were taking forever, and I’ve even nicknamed this hat, “The Hat That Will Not Be Done.” Now I know why!

But, rather than rip back more than 30 rows to correct the problem, I’ve decided to ADD 20 rows to the pattern, so I can throw in those other decreases at a reasonable interval, and then get to the point where I’m actually supposed to be for finishing the pattern. DUH! The hat is long enough already, and yes, now I’m going to make it even longer. But in the end, I think it will be ok. I just feel like a total idiot in the meantime.

And here I thought I might actually be done this weekend. Guess not! Perhaps this will be the longest stocking cap on record. Yikes!

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