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Santa Hat Progress

Santa Hat in Progress

Here’s the latest photo of the Santa Hat. I feel like it’s taking FOREVER! I’m only on row 17 in the decrease section… out of approximately 107 rows. Of course, eventually, the rounds will become very small, but so far I have only decreased a total of 10 stitches. You can’t even really see yet that the hat is starting to get a wee bit narrower. Soon, I hope!!

I’ve already started to plan my next couple of projects. I want to do the Fiber Trends Jester Hat for myself and a Christmas stocking based on this sock pattern: Standard Sock Pattern:
Knitting 1 Sock at a Time on 1 Long Circular Needle
. Of course that sock is plain all by itself so I probably will add some braids or bobbles or something, just to keep me from getting bored. But first, before any of that, there’s another project I must do. Read on.

She Likes This Color, Really!

Green hanks of yarnAfter I finished Nadine’s hat earlier this month (pic near the bottom of this page!) several people came up to me and asked me to make one for them, including the Acting Assistant Secretary at my agency. I politely refused each one, with the excuse that my own mother doesn’t even have a felted hat. She herself has pointed this out to me! So I’ve finally decided to rectify the situation. So I say, “Mom, what color?” And she says she’d like one to match her not quite olive, not quite apple green purse/backpack that she uses. What can I say? It’s the color of snot. Not my favorite, but luckily, Cascade 220 had a shade that came close. I’ve never used this yarn before but I do hear it felts like a champ. I guess I’ll find out! And I sure hope mom likes the color after all.

Not much going on for New Year’s Eve. We plan to stay in with the kids and have a friend over and do takeout from Outback Steakhouse. I’m sure my stomach will regret it in the morning, but my tastebuds are going to enjoy for tonight!

Happy New Year, everyone, and be safe.

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