Dixie Classic, 2010

On Friday my daughter’s school Wind Ensemble participated in the Dixie Classic Music Festival at Hanover High School in Mechanicsville, VA. I am proud to say that they achieved a Superior Rating. Below are videos of the performance, for your enjoyment (and my bragging!). Thanks for having a look.

Our daughter plays flute and piccolo, and is “first chair” stage right of the conductor.

This last number is my favorite of all. I hear the kids loved playing it, too. It sounded like a real challenge.

Way to go, Wind Ensemble! This mom is proud of you.

The 12 Days of Blogging

Hi There!

Sorry I’ve been away so long. Do I have an excuse? Not really. I’ve been knitting, as you’ll see in a moment, but for the last couple weeks I thought it was sort of boring to look at so I didn’t blog about it. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t at least think about blogging. I thought about it, a lot. The thing is, I’ve been having trouble turning the thinking into doing. I didn’t even do the knitting group meeting report from two weeks ago yet. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow. Or sometime before the next meetup on Saturday! Wish me luck on that.

In fact, I’m setting a goal for this month. In honor of the Holiday Season, I am going to try to blog at least 12 times this month. 12 times. It won’t be easy, given that the dark days of winter suck the motivation right out of me, but I am going to try. Hang in there with me!

So anyway, on to the knitting:

Long Stocking Cap in progress

Long Stocking Cap in progress

I’m finishing up the third stripe of my long stocking cap. I like it, I think. But, the design has a lot going on and some of it is getting lost. The original pattern was two colors (a main color and a contrast color for the ribbing and tassel). I decided to incorporate stripes. But there’s also these cables in the pattern, that creep up the hat and shift around in a spiral as you do each repeat. Well, the stripes are sort of eliminating the effect of the spiral. So I could have left the spiral out, I think, but oh well. It will be interesting to see how this hat comes out.

I’m hoping to have it done for Christmas (it’s not a gift), but right now it’s feeling doubtful.

Hey, guess what? My Christmas shopping is almost done! Next… the dreaded Christmas card. I ordered custom ones again this year with our photos on them. I like making the card but I hate the whole mailing part. It’ll take me from now til Christmas to get them all done.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a video of the cutest little kitten I have ever seen (today, anyway). If you watch the Ellen Degeneres Show, you probably saw this today, but it’s worth sharing:

Until next time!

It Just Keeps Following Me Home!

Stuff from Knit Picks, that is. I’m becoming a slut for Knit Picks Kits. It’s true. Why, yesterday, these three babies found their way to my door:

Three Knit Picks Kits

Three Knit Picks Kits

They are the Maeve Hat and Mittens Kit, The Knitter’s Tool Bag Kit (in purple, of course!), and the Line By Line Mittens to Gloves Kit. I can hardly decide which to knit first! This is the year I am going to master the mitten. These patterns, I hope, will get me well on my way. The Knitter’s tote kit, by the way? It comes with the fabric to line the bag with. Way cool.

I don’t have an extra Rubbermaid tub yet but I do have an empty DVD bin on my side of the entertainment center, so all my kits are going in there. Wait! What’s this?

Cat in bin

Cat in bin

For some reason, my cat loves to lick plastic bags, and there’s no shortage of plastic containing the knit kits in this drawer. I caught her in there the other day and so snapped this picture. My cat doesn’t love my yarn, she only cares about the bags it comes in.

So all week I’ve been working on this:

Noro Kureyon hat in progress

Noro Kureyon hat in progress

It’s a simple top-down hat made out of Noro Kureyon yarn, and I think I’m going to love it! I finally increased it to the size I want at the top and will knit for a couple of inches before decreasing to the size of my actual head. The end result, I hope, will be something sort of beret-shaped. Stay tuned on that!

Oh, and I wound yarn for a new project tonight. But it’s late, so I’ll have to talk about that tomorrow.

OMG Have You SEEN This Kid?

And if you liked that one, you GOTTA see this!

That’s all for now; I’m off to bed at a decent hour for once this week. What? It’s not a decent hour? Well poop. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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