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Day Five: Trish Knits. No, really. Watch.

Today is Day 5 of blog week and we’ve been challenged to blog in a way that is new and different to us.

So, I decided to share my morning knitting time with you:

It was definitely a challenge for me to actually knit and be chatty at the same time! But, enjoy.

3 responses to “Day Five: Trish Knits. No, really. Watch.”

  1. TheGingerbreadLady Avatar

    Oh, Trish, that’s lovely! What a nice idea!
    It’s so relaxing to watch someone knit … and I envy you your ability to work at home in your jammies, if you so wish!
    Best wishes from Bavaria, where it’s equally cold and grey and miserable.

  2. Tink Avatar

    Dropped stitches terrify me! It’s one of the reasons I keep on crocheting and hiding from all the gorgeous knitted lace shawls in my Rav queue!

    Great post! It’s awesome to see everyone pushing themselves right out of their comfort zone today.

    I also struggle with talking while I crochet – my boyfriend complains that I never talk to him anymore!

  3. josiekitten Avatar

    I’m so impressed at your multi tasking! Way to go!

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