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YouTube Yummies

Not much knitting happening here, so I thought I would share a couple of really cool things I found on YouTube this week.

The first is 12-year-old singer, Abby Miller, of Virginia. She’s been making the local press here this week because of a fundraising video/PSA she created to help a 4-year-old girl with neuroblastoma. Check out this amazing young singer:

Abby has been featured on the TV news and in the Washington Post this week, and when I checked out her YouTube page, I was amazed! Enjoy!

Next is a new videocast by Carin, AKA, Alcariel, who gained podcasting experience by guesting from time to time on another podcast, which I won’t mention, but the knitters all know which one it is. It’s called Round the Twist, and here’s a sample episode:

I hope Carin doesn’t mind me posting this to her blog, but the “embed” feature on YouTube makes it handy, and I told her I’d help to promote her new adventure. Check it out!

As for me, I’m still in the knitting doldrums, and I don’t know why! Sigh. I just need to cast on something new and be done with it. Once again I’ve knit about 5 rows all week. On a scarf. Where is my mojo?


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Listen to this article

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