…and a lot of other stuff, too!

  • I’m Getting a Little Too Good at This

    This morning before work I fixed some dropped stitches in my baby sweater. I’m getting tired of this routine! It seems every few rows or so lately I’m having to do some major repair work. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my fatigue level, so I need to fix that, too. But for…

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  • Knitting Day in Bowie

    Well, I was successful in getting the sleeve stitches onto holders today before knitting group, so here is the latest photo of the baby sweater in progress. It finally looks like a sweater, no? I’m finally seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. Now some scenes from today’s knitting group: Rhoda knitting on…

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  • Knittin’ on Some Stuff

    Just a Monday night at Trish’s place. I’m tired tonight, so we all had something simple for dinner, then I sat down to do some knitting… and then blog about it! I frogged my purple sock last week, and restarted it on size 0 needles. This time, on smaller needles, 56 stitches around seems to…

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  • Knitting Roulette

    Today I had an unexpected day off, caring for a sick, toothless 6-year-old, who, it turns out, has the strep buggers. So we had a Spongebob marathon, and watched Cars, I got some progress done on my purple sock. Not enough to show you though, so I thought I would talk tonight about my baby…

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  • The Yoke’s on Me!

    So I’ve never really done major baby knitting. A couple of blankets, but this is my first time attempting a sweater. I’ve never made a sweater of any kind, so I figured I’d better start small. I’m basing the method of construction for this sweater on the February Baby Sweater, except that my gauge is…

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  • Baby Sweater Redeux

    Not much, is it? Well… I should have been photographing along the way with my various experiments all week, but it was hot and I was lazy, and so… well… I didn’t. It wouldn’t have made for exciting reading anyway. What you see here is the beginnings of my EZ February Baby Sweater. The pattern…

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