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I’m Getting a Little Too Good at This

This morning before work I fixed some dropped stitches in my baby sweater.

baby sweater with dropped stitches again
baby sweater with dropped stitches again

I’m getting tired of this routine! It seems every few rows or so lately I’m having to do some major repair work. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my fatigue level, so I need to fix that, too. But for now, I’m focusing on the sweater. In the photo above you can see the extent of the damage. Not too bad, I guess, compared to some other stuff, but I do detest picking up yarnovers and trying to make them look right again.

picking up stitches from the back with a crochet hook
picking up stitches from the back with a crochet hook

The job called for using my favorite go-to metal crochet hook, a red, dime store variety that used to belong to John’s great aunt Honey. (I never remember whether Honey was Mary or Frances, but she was Honey to family, and her sister was Duddie. Mary or Frances, Frances or Mary? Wait, I’m digressing…)

Anyway, I figured the easiest thing to do first would be to pick up the column of knit stitches on the purl side, the stitches that offset the cable. This wasn’t too hard. I find that when I have lots of columns of stitches to pick up, I’m constantly flipping the work back and forth, because it’s always easiest for me to pick up stitches from wherever the knit side is. I’ve never quite been able to wrap my brain about pulling the loop the other way ’round the yarn to make a purl stitch, so it’s easier to for me to just flip the work over and over, so I’m always creating knit stitches. Hey, it’s slow, but it works.

sweater is fixed again
sweater is fixed again

And here is the sweater fixed once again, ready to continue with the regular knitting routine. Please wish me luck that the streak of dropping stitches is over for a while–I’d really rather be getting this project done soon.

More later!

4 responses to “I’m Getting a Little Too Good at This”

  1. WackyLisa Avatar

    Congrats on the fix.
    That tip of flipping the work over is a good one. Thanks.
    I hope you don’t get any more practice with fixing oopses.

  2. Donna Avatar

    Such a pretty sweater! I want to make one for my size!

  3. Mandella Avatar

    I think you’ve had enough practice. You don’t need any more. Well done for your perseverence though.

  4. tata Avatar

    Breaking knitting makes me cry. Hope you don’t break anymore (get some sleep!).

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