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Knittin’ on Some Stuff

me, knitting a purple sock
me, knitting a purple sock

Just a Monday night at Trish’s place. I’m tired tonight, so we all had something simple for dinner, then I sat down to do some knitting… and then blog about it! I frogged my purple sock last week, and restarted it on size 0 needles. This time, on smaller needles, 56 stitches around seems to fit me just right. I forget sometimes that my feet are so smal, because I tend to wear shoes two sizes bigger because of my brace.

I kinda gave up on the idea of doing toe-up monkey socks for now, too, because the stitch repeat is so long that getting the right amount of stitches for my size is a bit of a challenge. So for now, I’m doing Wendy Johnson’s sock pattern that she designed for Summer of Socks, 2008. Well, sort of. I’m doing her stitch pattern, but my own heel and my own toe.

And here’s a shot of the baby sweater:

baby sweater in progress
baby sweater in progress

Half an inch til I put the sleeve stitches on holders. I’m finally starting to feel the progress. Yay!

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  1. tata Avatar

    Nice! I’m still far too intimidated to start socks. I tried the other day with dpns and cried when I dropped 5 stitches. I ended up frogging. I think I need to try circular needles instead!

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