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I (Still) Do

My ring in the original setting
My ring in the original setting
Nearly 19 years ago, the man I love presented me with this ring, and asked me to marry him. I wish I could give the romantic notion that it was a total surprise, but truth be told, I knew our relationship was headed in that direction, and I started dropping some serious hints about my taste in jewelry in the months prior to that night when he popped the question. I had fallen in love with Princess Diana’s sapphire ring years before, and I always dreamed of having one of my own. I’ve loved and worn it every day since, and had a thin gold wedding band made to rest below it so that it would be the perfect, forever wedding set.

A diamond is forever, right?

Haha, news to me, it appears that this is not true. About two years ago, I lost a diamond out of the ring and had it repaired and the diamond replaced. I continued wearing it until a couple of months ago, when I lost yet another diamond. This time the jeweler advised me to stop wearing the ring every day or have it reset, as the prongs were all wearing out after nearly 20 years of daily wear.

So, I decided to do something different. Instead of a separate wedding band with the ring, I decided to have it reset onto a wider band so I could wear it solo, as my wedding ring. It’s also now white gold instead of yellow (which is stronger), and the setting itself is flush against the band, decreasing the likelihood that I’ll catch it on every sweater sleeve along the way.

The end result? This:

My ring in the new setting
My ring in the new setting

Isn’t it a beauty? I’m loving it.

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  1. Dina Avatar

    Wow, Trish! That is beautiful. I look forward to seeing it IRL. I’m happy for you that you were able to get it fixed to your satisfaction.

  2. Lynne Avatar


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