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Not Quite an Ordinary Monday

Today started out as an ordinary, blah Monday. Doctor’s appointments, errands, work… you know. Monday. Wasn’t looking forward to it. But then, after work, we decided to hit the new Red Robin in our neighborhood. There’s something about that place that just drips with happy. So, what follows is my pictorial evidence that Monday doesn’t always have to be drab.

After our amazing, impromptu dinner, we had to make a quick run to the grocery store. When we got there we saw a classic car show in the parking lot across the street. So of course we had to take advantage of what was left of daylight and we walked around a bit. Of course the owners were more than happy to talk about their “babies” and rev the engines a time or two for my DH.

And I’m constantly reminding him why it’s a good thing that I always have my camera.

After all, Mondays like this don’t happen every week.

Here’s hoping you found something good about this Monday, too. If so, drop me a line and tell me about it. Let’s share the Monday joy together.

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