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Just Another Update on a Thursday…

Today I decided that it’s time to put the shawl on two needles, so I spread it out while I could and snapped these:

Just another photo of the shawl in progress
Just another photo of the shawl in progress
Shawl, up close
Shawl, up close

Yesterday, a co-worker put it on her shoulders, and it’s the size of a cute little shoulder shawlette. Another co-worker walked in while the two of us were playing with the shawl and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at it, and requested that I knit her something smallish, just like that.

People who see my knitting ask me to knit for them all the time. I used to be a sucker, and I often bit at the chance to knit for others, until I realized how rare it was that I actually finish anything. So, I’d sooner teach someone to knit than to knit something for someone. Know what I mean? They’ve actually got a chance of having a knitted item if they make it for themselves. I think I’m a better teacher than a do-er. Does that make sense?

But, I am determined to finish this shawl. After all these years, I deserve to finish something, so I can have something of my own to wear.

Wish me luck…

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  1. katiemckinna Avatar

    You know what? I’m going to start teaching people to knit, too rather than just knitting for them. That’s a great idea!

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