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Somebody Talk Me Down…

I wanna knit a moebius.

I want to do it, NOW.

I keep watching the video of Cat Bordhi’s amazing cast on, just so I’ll be ready:

I’ve been fascinated by this knitted form for years, but have never acted upon it. I think there could be lots of these scientifically astounding things in my repertoire.

There’s just one little problem. And we all know what it is. I have a SHAWL to finish, plus at least a dozen other things. This always happens to me, when I get to the long, drawn out part of any project. My mind wanders, and I get obsessed about the next thing. Until I can’t stand it anymore, then I put the current thing down, and start on the next thing, whatever the obsession of the moment happens to be. Today, it’s a moebius. Lord knows I’ve knit plenty of them by accident. Every time I’ve ever cast on a project to be knit in the round, and I try, oh I try, to “join, being careful not to twist.” Every time, I fail. At least once. So I rip it out, and try again.

But this time, I want to twist my knitting. On purpose. In that special, moebius-y way. But….

NO! I CAN’T! STOP ME! I really MUST finish my shawl!

Sigh… This happens to me every time. Please, I beg you, you knowing knitters. Help me to stay strong. The moebius can wait.

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  1. Marty Avatar

    That is SO like me! I flit terribly between projects. Right now I’m making knitted Easter eggs that I want to fill with candy. My goal is to make one for each member of the family. I have two weeks, will I make it? Maybe….

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