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Book Review: Astounding Knits!

I have a friend who knits tree cozies. It’s true. I am a self-professed slow knitter, so I can’t imagine ever knitting a sweater for a tree, especially since I’ve never even completed one for myself. But there’s something that is wonderfully, secretly anarchist about these public displays of truly odd knitting that makes them wonderful. And, you know what? I honestly wish sometimes that I could knit fast enough to make this kind of knitting worth my time. It’s fun! Wonderful, and rebellious. I only wish I could.

So imagine my delight when I discovered this book last week: Astounding Knits!: 101 Spectacular Knitted Creations and Daring Feats. It is a compendium of all that is good, and weird, and a little twisted, about knitting.

Imagine the biggest, I mean BIGGEST, pink bunny in the world. Or colorwork sweaters so small they could fit on the tip of your fingers. A human heart made of lace, or a complete skeleton. Ever wanted a motorcycle cozy? How about a superhero costume?

The author, Lela Nargi, has written several other books that are interesting collections of thoughts and experiences of other knitters. I’ve listened to the audiobooks and I’ve loved them. This book is something like an extension of the theme. Who knew there were so many crazy and wonderful things that one could do with knitting? Surely I consider myself to be a creative person. But, my mind would never have gone to a place where I would have thought it would be fun to knit tea cozies in the shape of houses of infamous murder scenes. Or knitted sushi? Who thinks of that stuff?

This book isn’t a knitting book. It’s a book about knits, and the people who make them. It’s fun. It’s odd. And totally inspiring. It’s only around 10 dollars for this wonderful little book, and next time I go to knit group, I’m bringing it with me. I’m sure it will provide loads of entertainment.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. Every knitter needs inspiration like this in his or her library. Any time I feel like I’m in a knitting rut, I’ll be sure to pull this one off the shelf and flip through a few of the projects. It’s sure to keep my knitting on its toes.

And, if ever I do decide to knit a tree cozy? I’ll look here first for inspiration.

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