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Shawl Update–Again!


I was awakened this morning at about 4:30 by our weather alert radio, shortly followed by a kid whose sleep was disturbed by pounding rain against his bedroom window. There were tornado warnings just south of here. They say the worst of the weather has passed, but it’s still gray and icky outside. I don’t like it. It sorta matches my gray and icky mood.

Last night before going to bed, though, I decided to take an updated photo of my shawl in progress. See?

Another shot of the shawl in progress
Another shot of the shawl in progress

I may not make progress on my projects as quickly as some knitters in the blogosphere, but I do see definite progress each time I take a photo. Soon, I will be switching yarn colors and switching lace patterns. It’s looking like both will happen at around the same time, but we’ll see. I think I’m also going to have to switch to a longer cable, too, because it’s getting all scrunched up on my needles. So, it looks like some transitions will be happening with the shawl soon.

The thing is, I’m not quite decided on what lace pattern to use. Again. I had thought of doing the Cat’s Paw Insertion (example of cat’s paw insertion in this shawl pattern). Or, do I want to be adventurous and try the Random Lace Pattern Generator? I want to stick with a pattern that will look ok if converted to garter stitch, and would be easy to memorize. I’m open to ideas… any thoughts?

Well, I guess I’m gonna go slam half a row on the shawl before work. Have a great day!

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  1. katiemckinna Avatar

    It’s hard to blog and knit, isn’t it? I’m not a very fast knitter either and I definitely feel the pressure to show new items or at least some progress on my work. Actually, I liked how you have your knits in progress in your sidebar.

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