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    YouTube Yummies

    Not much knitting happening here, so I thought I would share a couple of really cool things I found on YouTube this week. The first is 12-year-old singer, Abby Miller, of Virginia. She’s been making the local press here this week because of a fundraising video/PSA she created to help a 4-year-old girl with neuroblastoma.…

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  • Today’s Sweater

    Thanks to those who commented via the comments and Plurk. As you can see, I did start the sleeves. The first one is getting close to being done, but alas I have admitted to myself that there is absolutely no way that I can get the sweater done by the baby shower next Sunday. It’ll…

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  • eBay Treasure… sort of.

    Ok, I’ve been trolling the interwebs for a little while now, on a quest for a couple of back issues of Interweave Knits. One of the ones high on my list has been Winter 2003, in which there are good articles about gloves and thumb gussets, as well as some comfy unisex slipper sock things.…

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  • OBU

    (Obligatory Blanket Update) Well, here it is, the latest photo of my ripple afghan in progress, for Miss Z. One or two more people added their work to the blanket this week, and I feel like I’ve knitted a LOT, but visually, from the picture, it doesn’t really look very different. I guess I’m entering…

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  • Updates and Stuff

    Well, here it is, the latest “baby pic” of Miss Z.’s Blankie. I am enjoying making it but I wish it could go faster. Miss Z. starts her chemo very soon and I want it to be done. Now that the holidays have wound down and most folks are back at work, I am getting…

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  • Folk Style

    A quick trip to Barnes and Noble today to get a birthday gift for a sister-in-law found me in short order in the knitting aisle. (Of course!) I snatched a copy of Folk Style without even cracking it open to peek first. Have I EVER knit anything from a knitting book that I own? (Hanging…

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