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Worldwide Knit in Public Day, 2009

Today was Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and the Bowie Knitters rose to the occasion! We all showed up at the usual time in the usual place, needles, cold drinks and yummy snacks at the ready. It seems most of us were working on wearables today. I took a few photos, so here you go. As always, click to make them bigger and read the details.

Today we welcomed Kathy (is it with a K?) to the group, who brought along her Amazon Kindle
to show. Boy oh boy, do I covet one of these! Dina, who works in the publishing industry, worries about how this device and others like it are changing the way people read books. For me it would make a huge difference to have one, because many books are too bulky and heavy for me to manipulate. Sigh… the device is still too expensive for me… plus I have other big projects to work on later this summer. Can’t talk about that now, though. I’m veering off subject. Back to the knitters.

Helene brought her amazing sweater coat that she just finished and blocked, for all of us to ooh and ahh over. That woman’s knitting is amazing! Just look at it! Isn’t it stunning?

We even had a power outage at our Borders today, which made alarms go off and the air conditioner stop working. For the most part though, the knitters were undeterred and just kept on knitting.

I also got some more card making supplies today. some decorative papers, lots of hole-punchy things with different shapes, some glues and a paper cutter. I’ve decided for sure that my knitted cards are going to have some added flair. I can only hope that I can somehow make it work, that my fingers can do what I see in my head, and that I can create items that don’t look like kindergarten refrigerator art. Wish me luck on that!

One more thing to show you before I leave you for today:

Halloween Scarf
Halloween Scarf

It’s a slightly better photo of the Halloween Scarf, complete with eyeballs. I wore it to work the other day and got some weird looks! But hey, it’s ready for the Harry Potter movie release next month. I’m hoping it won’t be 100 degrees that day.

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Listen to this article

One response to “Worldwide Knit in Public Day, 2009”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Can you believe I forgot it was WWKIP day yesterday? But if knitting in an LYS is KIPing, then I still participated. 🙂 And it’s actually a good thing that we didn’t have a group thing going somewhere else. It was crazy busy at the LYS, and the LYSO and her assistant were both at market–the LYSO’s stepdaughter was working the store and was seriously overwhelmed. So all of the regulars were “working” too. I even managed to hand out 3 blog business cards (mostly for the Ravelry address on it)…and isn’t spreading the knitting love what WWKIP day is all about anyway? 🙂

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