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Not Knitting, But…

I’ve been obsessed with making greeting cards this week. More thinking about them than doing, but here’s my first attempt:

Birthday card with sleeping cat on the cover
Birthday card with sleeping cat on the cover

The cover says:

“I herdz u wants naps fur ur birfdays…”


“Already took dems… Srry.”

Now I need to figure out how to knit a father’s day card for the DH. Thoughts of what could go on it? I thought of a teeny knitted necktie, but not sure how that will work. I need inspiration. Thanks for your help!

PS–yes that’s my own cat on the cover. I took the photo about three months ago and have been waiting for something to do with it.

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Listen to this article

One response to “Not Knitting, But…”

  1. Jen Avatar

    OMG–that card is priceless!

    Hmmm…I was thinking knitted necktie too. The tie part wouldn’t be too hard–start at the point, knit a few increases, then a few decreases, then knit for length. Make it longer than you want so you could tie a knot at the top (wouldn’t really need to be the perfect tie knot, I don’t think). Then switch to i-cord and knit that for the part going around the neck. You could glue it down in a loop, with the bound off end hidden under the knot.

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