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First Saturday in April

Well, it took me four nights to get the photos together for the post from last Saturday’s knitting group, and to the group, I apologize! I know some folks really enjoy seeing the photos. But, better late than never, and here they are!

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Saturday was a great day, as we welcomed quite a few new group members. As I was coming in the bookstore, I happened to see a woman browsing the knitting magazines. So of course I asked her if she had her knitting with her and if she would like to sit with us for a while. It wasn’t long before Alice fit right in as if she had been coming all along.

Another bookstore patron, Diane, saw us knitting and said she didn’t know how, but wanted to know if she could join us. She then went to the nearby craft store and got a skein of yarn, came back and dove in for a lesson. I tried to help, but my own weird knitting method is hard for others to translate into something that works for them. So Marie jumped in to help. It was great!

Wanda brought her sister, Lisa, for the first time, and Rhoda’s friend Kathy also came along for a bit. Ileana couldn’t be there, but her friend Mia came along for a first time visit.

The group was wowed by Tammy’s beautiful sweater that she knit for her granddaughter. And then there was Lola’s beautiful handspun alpaca, which is destined to become a shawl for her mother.

I really had a great time meeting so many new folks and chatting with other knitters for the afternoon. I’m already looking forward to our next meeting, which will be on May 9, so our group can go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Ah… Maryland Sheep and Wool. I think it’s my favorite day of the year–even better than Christmas.

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  1. Susie Avatar

    Looks like you ladies had a lovely time. And, as you said, better late than never!

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