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Family Movies

Not much happening today; just another lazy Sunday. Didn’t get much knitting done and haven’t finished photo editing from knit group yesterday. So, I leave you with these two clips of family moments of the week.

This first one is what happens when you let the cat’s water bowl run dry; she’s not shy about getting her point across!

And this is what happens when you let BoyZilla browse among the electronic musical toys at Target on a Friday night:

Both kids came home with excellent report cards on Friday so we let them go to Target and choose a small reward. For Her Highness the Teen it was the Twilight DVD, which has now been watched a handful of times. BoyZilla picked a light sabre toy from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is the new hot thing around here among 6-8 year old boys. I got another pair of headphones for my iPod. Exciting, huh?

Well, I guess I have some work to catch up on before morning gets here, which is already too soon from now. Ciao!

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One response to “Family Movies”

  1. knittyknatty Avatar

    Those videos are priceless 🙂 My kitty does that all the time!

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