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January Knitting Group Brings Many New Friends

Today was our monthly knitting group meeting at the Borders in Bowie. Was I ever surprised to see so many new faces! Today I got to welcome about four people I hadn’t met before.

Lisa came for the first time today, and brought two hats in progress, and a scarf. One of the hats became an FO and she was looking SO cute in it today.

Leslie came once in November when I wasn’t there, so I never met her before today. At least not in real life. But, once when she was headed to a new yarn shop, she and I swapped a flurry of excited emails about the shop thanks to her cell phone. Small World! Leslie also encouraged her friend Melinda to come. Melinda was knitting a scarf with two yummy purple yarns that I covet.

Old friends Lola, Rhoda, Dina, Tammy, and Diane were also there today. Oh, and the wonderful Marie! Marie has done a wonderful job of promoting our group and bringing folks in. Today she was excited to shop for knitting magazines with Lisa, and to share with the group that a Ravelry friend of hers just had a pattern published in Interweave Crochet. (That magazine rocks, by the way. Not sure my grandmother would have known what to do with it.)

It was great to see so many new faces today and for all of us to be together in the New Year. I’m already looking forward to next month.

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4 responses to “January Knitting Group Brings Many New Friends”

  1. molinda Avatar

    Trish, it was a pleasure meeting you and all the ladies in your group. I had the best time and very much look forward to seeing you next month! Nice pics, too.

  2. Marty Avatar

    I wish I could join you. I did have the next best thing today. I meet with a Tuesday afternoon coffee group and last week we decided to make it a knitting group. I brought my knitting today and even though I was the only one that did, it was still so much fun to knit and gab! (And suck down big lattes!)

  3. Lysette Avatar

    Hi Trish!

    I’m not too far from Bowie, so I’ll definitely join you guys in February!

  4. Veronica Avatar

    I found you on line through a search. I was interested in learning HOW to knit.. Do you all do this? Or is this group for seasoned knitters! And what is the day and time you meet.

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