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Little Things Make Me Happy

Lookie what my DH brought me this morning:

coffee mug
coffee mug

It’s a coffee mug from Starbucks that looks like a cable knit sweater! I first saw this on The Chum a couple days before Christmas, but hadn’t been able to find one. I thought I’d be stuck going to eBay for a used one. Thankfully, my DH had his eye out and he scored one today! I think I’m going to use it as a pen holder for my office.

Not much knitting going on around here. I’m on my fourth day of a headache and I can barely see. I’ve got the migraine meds on board and I’m just hoping they kick in soon!

More tomorrow…

Lights Out for now.

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Listen to this article

One response to “Little Things Make Me Happy”

  1. Spincerely Avatar

    OMG that mug is SO cool! Hope you feel better though…

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