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‘Nother Test

I think I did it! I wanted to create a blog page on a white background, and thanks to some contributors to the Mandigo Wiki, the answer was right there. So, instead of having a blog that looked like a page of something on a colored background, I got rid of the “page” look and turned the background white. Then I turned the background for my posts a shade of purple (of course!), because too much white is well, too much.

Which of course then meant I needed to update my image script, because I like drop shadows, and a drop shadow image has to match the color it’s sitting on. Thusly:

sample photo of Kauni yarn
sample photo of Kauni yarn

So now, let’s see if this works correctly. Feedback welcome! Does everything look right? Let me know!

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

One response to “‘Nother Test”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I like it. In fact, I want to steal your CSS for both your calendar and your blog. I kind of like the rounded edges, but this is so cool……
    Makes me rethink the issue of having three columns vs two.

    And I love Kauni, having just ordered another batch.

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