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    Yay for 2.8!

    Well, today is a big day at Trish It’s my first full day using WordPress Version 2.8. I can attest that the upgrade has been relatively painless. And the photo uploader that has had an incompatibility with my version of Flash seems to be fixed. This alone was worth the upgrade, because I had…

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  • How Long?

    I’ve been concerned for a while now about how long it takes my blog to load. I’ve heard that several things can affect this, including the number of data calls, the plugins I use, and even the hosting service I use, which might be to blame. I’ve disabled a couple of what I think are…

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  • ‘Nother Test

    I think I did it! I wanted to create a blog page on a white background, and thanks to some contributors to the Mandigo Wiki, the answer was right there. So, instead of having a blog that looked like a page of something on a colored background, I got rid of the “page” look and…

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  • This Is a Test

    Just playing with my blog settings a bit and I need to test my photo script. Bear with me. So… how does it look in your browser? Is everything staying nicely put? I have a pet peeve about people who don’t resize their images properly so they break the blog layout. I tweaked my layout…

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    Knitting the Ribbing!

    Were it not for a slight accident this morning with the needle slipping out of the stitches and quite a few more than I would have wanted being dropped, I might be writing the Finished Object Report instead of just a run of the mill progress report. But, such is life when we’re knitting, eh?…

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