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This Is a Test

Just playing with my blog settings a bit and I need to test my photo script. Bear with me.

Kauni Yarn
Kauni Yarn

So… how does it look in your browser? Is everything staying nicely put? I have a pet peeve about people who don’t resize their images properly so they break the blog layout. I tweaked my layout a bit so that I should be able to get larger photos without breaking things. I guess we’ll see if I did… let me know if it looks weird in your browser. K?


Hopefully a regularly scheduled blog post will appear in this space tomorrow.

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

4 responses to “This Is a Test”

  1. Tricia McDonald Avatar

    Looks good to me! I’m using Firefox 3.0.5 on a MacBook Pro, in case that’s relevant.

  2. Trish Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on a bigger overhaul which should be interesting. This was just a baby step in that direction.

  3. Deb Avatar

    Looks good to me! I always have trouble working w/photos on my blog, so please be sure to share w/us what you figure out.

  4. Brooklynne Avatar

    hey, just FYI if you have the lightbox plugin in you can upload larger photo’s and size them down in the actual post but if they are linked to themselves when you click on it it will open the embiggened version in a lightbox, you can see and example on my blog….

    I’m on iceweasle and your blog looks fine to me…

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