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If at First You Don’t Succeed…

flat top hat, first attempt
flat top hat, first attempt

Ok, so on the surface, this hat looks like it should be pretty dang cute. Here’s the thing. I was impatient. It is too small! At least that’s how I’m interpreting the shaping as it sits on my actual head. I should have made the top circle larger than my actual head size so that when I put the hat on it would be more likely to keep its shape. Also if I had made the hat body longer, the top would not have had to come down over my head so much as I wear it. Lastly, I would make the brim lots larger.

Moral of the story? The hat I’m dreaming of making for myself cannot be done with just a single skein of Noro Kureyon. It was silly of me to even try, as I have two skeins of every color that I bought. Doh.

So, on to round two. I’ve started again, this time with smaller needles for a firmer fabric, and I’m not going to be in such a hurry to get done or to try to force it all out of one skein. Since this one took a bit less than a week I’m not too worried about the second one. I’ll let you know what happens, good or bad.


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