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Knitting Day in Bowie–Tropical Storm Edition

Today we had our monthly gathering at the Borders Books in Bowie. Despite the threat of bad weather from Tropical Storm Hanna, we had a good sized group today, including one newcomer. Welcome, Ann!

Click on the picture in the gallery to embiggen the photo!

As for me, I picked back up on the brown ripple afghan today. Marie has kindly offered to help me with my ends next month, so I am inspired to knit on this project once again! Must keep knitting… Ciao for now, and thanks for a great day, everyone!

2 responses to “Knitting Day in Bowie–Tropical Storm Edition”

  1. Marie/ TiaRee Avatar
    Marie/ TiaRee

    I look like I have the biggest, widest chest in the world! See you in October 🙂

    By the way, your haircut is great!

  2. Trish Avatar

    Even if you did… would that be a bad thing?? Just kidding! See you again soon!

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