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Running Stitch

Dear Annette,

This blog post is for you. I recently shared with you the pattern, The Trouble with Tribbles, which is a round dishcloth. I knew you’d think it was fun. When it came to the end of the pattern though, we both got confused on how to actually create the circle shape. Guess what? I figured it out. So here goes.

The patten says to sew the two diagonal ends together. And then use the end tail to do a running stitch around the side edge, and the cast-on tail to do a running stitch on the other side edge. I enlarged the photo on the site so I could see what was happening. Basically, the running stitch creates a drawstring effect.

Thread your darning needle with the tail yarn, and “run the needle through” about every other stitch along the side seam, several stitches at a time. So that has the effect of letting the yarn go loosely over and under, over and under. Don’t pull it tight as you’re drawing the thread through. Wait and do that after you’ve caught the whole side edge. Then when you pull it tight the thread sort of acts like a drawstring.

Does that make sense? Let me know. Otherwise I can show you how to do it when I’m in the office on Monday. You know me, I’m the geeky knitting lady, so of course I always have darning needles on me.

See you then!


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  1. Annette Avatar

    Trish, that makes perfect sense. I was guessing that is how the side edges were going to be done, but was not sure. Thanks for your help.

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