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Can’t Talk Now… Busy Knitting.

Ack! Just found out yesterday that the baby shower for the recipient of this baby sweater is in two weeks! I don’t think I’m gonna make it, but I’m gonna try!

So here’s today’s update:

closeup of the cable section of the sweater
closeup of the cable section of the sweater

This is the cable I twisted at the pool this evening just before coming home. No dropped stitches, yay! I was having my doubts about this cable in the beginning but now I think it’s starting to look nice.

I did take a break away from the knitting today to get a totally new “do”:

my new haircut
my new haircut

I’ve been wanting wash-and-go hair for quite a while now. Mostly because I wear lots of hats in the winter and my hair always gets so smashed up in my hats because it’s so fine. But now, all I need is a little pomade and water, and instant hairdo! Not bad, eh? Can’t wait to give it the hat test this fall.

All for now… back to the knitting!

3 responses to “Can’t Talk Now… Busy Knitting.”

  1. tata Avatar

    I *love* the new ‘do! It looks great and seems really easy (which is a HUGE plus in my book). 8 years ago, I shaved my head and that was the easiest it ever was to take care of my hair (Husband would hate it, otherwise I’d do it again).

  2. Deb Avatar

    Great new do! The baby sweater is looking great. Two weeks? Piece of cake, you can do it.

  3. Jess/TopazGirl Avatar

    Love the new do! I was going for wash-n-go too..but it’s growing back now! 🙂

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