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The Silliness of It All…

The Little Knit Kit Found this yesterday at the checkout line at the bookstore. Well, my ever-observant daughter did. It sounded interesting. I was already buying three knitting mags. What’s one more little, kitschy, knitting thing?

The kit makes it sound like everything you need is in this little box and you can be a knitter. Five patterns included! Knitting instructions. Needle tip protectors. A stitch gauge. A row counter. Yessir, everything you need for knitting! Except the needles. And the yarn.

Now, before anyone gets upset with me about how could I be expecting needles and yarn in this little box, I wasn’t. Not really. So my question is, why market a knit kit in a box that small in the checkout line at the bookstore, if you can’t REALLY knit with it?

Of course. I know the answer. It’s so saps like me who don’t think one more cute, kitschy knit thing would be that big of a deal.

They’ve got me all figured out.

(Happy Birthday, Mom!)

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  1. TheSockKnitter Avatar

    There really is not reason for you NOT to expect to find needles and yarn in there! I have gotten a kit in a similar sized box that contained a circular needle AND yarn too – so there really could have been if they weren’t trying to rip you off! That is NOT nice!

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