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Happy Knit-Day to ME!

At least it feels that way to me. It’s my birthday! But it has been a really nice day filled with good friends and lots of knitting goodness. And I thought I was just going to have another boring Monday at work. Ha! The day started with me being able to make what I felt was good progress on this:

Sweater in progress

Ok, it might not seem like a lot, but this teeny little baby sweater has 183 stitches in a row, which is about as many as my brown ripple afghan! You can see the cable pattern just getting started on what will be the two fronts for the sweater. I am really crossing my fingers on this one, because it seems like I’m totally winging it! But, it seems like so far, so good. I’ll update from time to time.

A good friend from work then took me to Clyde’s for lunch, where I wouldn’t be overstating it if I said I had the best crab cakes I ever ate! It was a wonderful break from the office to go out for such a nice lunch.

Then after work I got home and my Mom and Tony were over, and the inlaws, Bill and Linda, arrived soon after. We had Tony’s homemade pasta sauce and meatballs, and Linda brought the salad, bread, and cake. It was all so YUMMY!

Then it was time for presents. My DH gave me these:

Lucy Neatby Sock Videos

The Lucy Neatby sock videos! I figure I’m going to learn just about everything I ever wanted to know about sock knitting watching these. I can’t wait!

My in-laws gave me a check, but as it turns out, yesterday, I bought this:

mini video camera on tripod

It’s an Aiptek video camera on a flexible tripod. Our primary video camera is too heavy for me to hold, plus I wanted something small that I could keep in my purse. But the main reason I got this camera? I’ve been wanting to add some video demos to my knitting site. It’s going to take me a while to learn how to use the camera well enough to film my knitting, but I’m looking forward to it.

Then, when I got home tonight, this was waiting for me in the mail:

tulip baby sweater kit, jewel colorway

It’s the Tulip Baby Sweater kit in the “Jewel” colorway. I got enough yarn that I could probably make a couple of teeny sweaters or one in size 4. I’m thinking I have a niece who is just the right size. I’m actually so in love with the yarn for this project that maybe I will make it and put it up as art! Haha!

The last yarny thing for today was that my friend Carrie gave me a gift certificate to YarnMarket. That store has so many things I want that it will be hard to decide what to get right away. I might sit on this gift… but probably only a day or two! Thanks, Carrie!

Wishing everyone would get to have a fun day like I had today. I’m crashing. Night-night!

5 responses to “Happy Knit-Day to ME!”

  1. TheSockKnitter Avatar

    Happy Belated BDay!!!!

    What lovely gifts you got!!

    I’d LOVE to know what you think of the videos (I’d also LOVE to know how you got your DH to get them for you! Mine doesn’t take hints too well, do you have to use a cast-iron skillet or something? ::gg::

    Hope you had a GREAT day 🙂

  2. TB Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday from me too! Nice blog, first time I’ve read it. Have a Great Day!

  3. cinders Avatar

    Happy belated Birthday!!! i’m so glad it was a good one. My hubby wouldnt know to get me the DVD’s so I’m mightily impressed, or did you drop hints?

    I’m running a blogiversary comp if you’re interested.

  4. Jessica/TopazGirl Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day. 🙂 Would love to hear/read your review of the Lucy videos once you get a chance.

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