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A Last Look Before Frogging…

sock toe in progress with one pattern repeat

I came to a sad realization last night. My lowly little sock, at even only 56 stitches around, is still too loose for my foot. I think the fabric needs to be firmer, too. So I’m going to frog and try again, this time with the dreaded size 0 needles that I had been oh so desperately hoping to avoid.

Am I just too loose a knitter to make socks? The prospect of size 0 needles is daunting. I think I might lose my mind…

3 responses to “A Last Look Before Frogging…”

  1. otherdeb (Deb Wunder) Avatar

    Size 0’s aren’t all that bad – I use them for socks all the time. In fact, I’m using them for the CamoNanner socks. You really want to try tiny needles, try a sock or two on 0000’s. They come out just about as thin as good wool store-bought socks, but you go crazy trying not to stab yourself.

    Just remember to take breaks so your muscles don’t cramp, and you’ll be fine.

  2. Jessica/TopazGirl Avatar

    Size 0 isn’t too bad – it’s still the same number of stitches, they’re just a little smaller. I knit pretty tightly on small needles, so most of my socks have been on 2.5s or 2.75s.

    Oh, and one of these days I WILL make it to Bowie! I still have that thing for you also. 🙂

  3. Kiki Finlayson Avatar
    Kiki Finlayson

    I use size 0 for all women’s socks. It makes a nice, firm, close-fitting fabric which we like. I like bamboo needles (flexible, easy on my hands, don’t slip out of the knitting) in sets of 5. I see you are knitting on those super long needles and toe-up, and I have never tried either. But standard, top-down patterns on 4 needles (for the ribbing portion) and 5 needles for the foot, works really well for me!

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