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Knitting by Ear

closeup of clapotis shawl, unfinished

Here’s the thing. I hate writing posts with no pictures. So I decided to treat your eyes with a project on the UFO bin from 2005. Yes friends, this is my Clapotis. It is made from Rio de la Plata yarn, which is kettle dyed and reminiscent of Malabrigo, but because of its uniqueness in dyeing, I did not have enough yarn to finish the project at the size I was making it. Sure, I had enough balls in the same colorway and even in the same lot, but among the lot that I had there were three distinct piles that I could put my balls of yarn in… and they were all so different! Sigh. Someday I may finish this project anyway, in spite of itself.

So, on to the real reason for my post today. I want to talk about the podcasts I’ve been listening to while knitting. I am sorely missing Brenda Dayne of Cast On at the moment, so I went in search of other things to occupy my ears whilst I am in waiting. I did find several worth sharing:

  • Sticks and String — a podcast by an Australian bloke who knits. He goes for the tried and true format pretty much defined by Brenda Dayne, but I do find it enjoyable. Especially since he is a relatively new-again knitter. It’s fun to listen to what he finds in the bottom of his knitting bag!
  • Stash and Burn — a podcast by Jenny and Nicole, which is very entertaining!
  • Lime and Violet — very fun! I think this one is worth a listen as well.
  • Let’s Knit2gether — this is a way cool video podcast that gets updated about once a month. This weekend, they have the second half of their essay on the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival up. Check it out!

Truly it is so hard to decide which podcasts to listen to and which to pass up, because there are so many. I almost listen to podcasts more often than straight music on my iPod.

Not much knitting in the cards today; I am going to see Hairspray with my daughter and Steve, then to Johnny Rockets for dinner. Then, alas, I have some actual work to do for my job… sigh. It never ends!

I hope everyone is having glorious, breezy summer weather like we are today. Later!

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