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A Different Perspective

vertical view of striped blanket

Hello again! This time I decided to photograph my blankie-in-progress vertically so it would be easy to see how big it actually is. Wow! No wonder it is taking me so long to work on this. I think even I didn’t really know how big it was or how well it was progressing. Now I have renewed energy and I do think I can get this done!

(I’m still glad I have 28 hours in the car coming up in August…. lots of knitting time! I talked to the expectant mom last week and she said that the doctor thinks she’ll go early, so it may not be done in time, but I will get there!)

I’ve been knitting to a new (to me) podcast recently. I finally subscribed to Quirky Nomads after hearing host Sage Tyrtle participate so much in Cast On. (Where are you, Brenda? I’ve only been listening for a couple of months and I’m all caught up, and I miss you!) Quirky Nomads is definitely different, but fun. Check it out!

Sennheiser MX 75 Headphones

And to enhance my listening experience, I replaced the standard earbuds on my iPod with these, the MX75 Sport Earbuds by Sennheiser. Generally I dislike earbuds, but I find myself listening to the iPod while falling asleep at night very often, and the earbuds are less fussy… except of course that they always fell out of my ears. These Sennheisers have an interesting little doohicky at the top that helps to anchor the earbuds to the ear. They also come with rubber disks of varying sizes so you can mix and match and find the sizes that provide a perfect fit. And, they work! And sound great, too.

I’ve ordered my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on audiobook, so with the iPod and my new earbuds, and lots of knitting to do, I’ll be set for a while.

Happy knitting!

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  1. Janet Avatar


    The blanket is looking fabulous. Keep going…the end is in sight. This will be an heirloom.

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