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It’s a Beautiful Thing!

yarn swiftStill in catching up mode, I have to share with you the beautiful new swift that I got a couple of weeks ago. It’s handmade by Mike at Dragonfly Turnings, and it is exquisite! Mine is crafted of Brazilian Cherry, and has foldable arms for easy storage.

My DH gave me a beautiful wooden umbrella swift Christmas before last. We all know the one. It clamps to a table, and expands and collapses like an umbrella. Seemed like a good idea at the time, especially since I’m the one who specifically asked for it. However, when it arrived I quickly realized that nearly every table I use had an apron on it that prevented the swift from clamping properly, and even more than that, I found the operation of the swift to be a huge challenge for my dexterity.

In contrast, this new swift is so easy to use! It is easily and quickly assembled, and it works GREAT for me! Plus the adjustable pegs allow you to do hanks of just about any size. I love it! Plus, the handcrafted aspect and the beautiful wood make me feel good when I’m using it. It really is a beautiful thing.

Thanks, Mike!

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