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Long Time, No Blog!

shimmer clapotis showing increase section nearly completedI know, it’s been a while. But the truth is, when you’re just knitting away on the same thing ad nauseum, it’s hard to find new and exciting things to say! So that’s the reason for my long absence this time, but I’ll try my best.

As I suspected, it’s taking a while to knit this version of the Clapotis, given that I am using KnitPicks Shimmer, which I’ve decided is about as thick as dental floss. I’ve never worked with laceweight yarn before, and this has been quite an experience for me! I must have started over at least a dozen times, only to get myself tangled up in the first few little stitches, and have to start again. I was about to give up for good, when after about two weeks of trying it finally came together. Still, it has taken me a month to get only this far, not nearly finished with the increase section. Of course, even with this thin yarn, I was shooting for the shawl size. It’ll be forever, but that’s ok.

Some Boring Technical News (But hey, I’m a Geek and I’m excited!)

On a technical note, I’ve been getting my feet wet with Dreamweaver again and I think this time I’m getting the hang of it! Today I learned how to make and use Dreamweaver templates, which should make updating this blog a bit easier. Consistent with the idea of making a shawl sized Clapotis from the thinnest possible yarn, I also do my blog the hard way. I don’t use any of the blogging software that’s out there, and instead do my own thing with a web site. But it has made it hard to make site-wide changes until now. Now, all I need to do is make simple changes to the Dreamweaver template file and they will be easily applied site wide. At least that’s what they say.

Of course, as I am writing this we’ve had a big storm come through and the cable’s out. So no telling when I’ll actually be able to upload!!

Until next time…

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