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An Amazing Gift!

purple two tone cardigan with zigzag stripe patternTonight I went to my mother’s house for dinner with John and the kids and my stepfather’s sister Nella joined us for dinner. She surprised me with this! Can you believe it? My favorite color is purple, and it will even fit me, too.

Nella learned to knit as a young girl in Italy, and she did this without a pattern and without taking any measurements of me. I am just amazed. She was wearing a similar one to my mother’s Easter gathering, and I asked her where she got it. Hers was bright aqua with tan stripes and I fell in love with it. Now, Nella is a lot tinier than I am and I asked her if maybe someday she could make one for me. And she said, “Sure I can. But I don’t know when.” So imagine my surprise that it was done already, without any measuring or try-ons! How is it that some people just have “the eye” and can do this? I feel so lucky today!

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