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beginnings of clapotis 2Ok, so it’s been a looong while since you’ve heard from me. But you see, I’ve been in computer jail. Windows apparently decided to experience a critical corruption that caused me to have to redo my computer from nearly scratch. Thank goodness most of my files were recovered.

No, It’s NOT a Postage Stamp!

DH has been teasing me about the tiny triangle at the left for a couple of weeks now. I’m attempting to make a Clapotis using KnitPicks Shimmer, which is a lace weight yarn. My goal is to have a summer weight shawl. Problem is that I’ve never knit with yarn this thin before, and it’s tough getting used to. I think I’ve cast on at least 15 times by now, but I finally think I have the hang of it. It will be yummy when done but to make it wide enough for a shawl, each row will have hundreds of stitches. So, yeah, I guess I’m crazy!!

But This Yarn Has a Story…

shimmer yarnBut isn’t it lovely? The colorway is called Happy Dance, and it’s two shades of pink offset by a sunny yellow. Perfect colorway for a summery wrap. I took this picture using the macro photography setting on my camera… it’s amazing how small a ball of fingering weight yarn can actually be!

me and lissaI finally got to meet Lissa, who is on several e-mail groups that I’m on. We’ve been meaning to meet for months and I’m glad we finally got together, on May 20, at Whitehall Pool. We ate lunch and talked lots, and then she tried to show me how to do long tail cast on. It took me several tries to get it right. And then, of course the minute I tried it on my own, later that night, I couldn’t get it right. Oh drat! I guess that means Lissa will just have to come back! 🙂 Then we wound that aforementioned Shimmer yarn into that teeny ball above. Actually, Lissa did the winding. And I held my arms up and was the “Human Swift”. I had so much fun that day!

There’s so much more to tell about my last month or so of knitting, but it’s late and I gotta go to bed! More later…

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