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It’s Growing!

lavender cabled scarf

Well, I’ve been knitting away at this thing all week, and it’s at least a couple inches longer to show for it. It’s almost long enough to be wearable, but I really hope that I can stretch the skein out enough to wrap it around my neck completely at least once. We’ll see! This skein of yarn seems bigger and bigger the longer I knit with it. Guess I’ve been knitting with expensive yarns and teeny balls for far too long!

In the Mail This Week…

I’m so excited! This week I received the pattern for the Reversibly Cabled Afghan by Lily Chin for Fiber Trends. It’s lovely! I’m not sure yet if I’m going to use it to make an afghan, or whether I will just use sections of it to make scarves and wraps. I guess time will tell…

And then there’s Leda’s Dream Wrap and Scarf. I am SO not into lace, and I hate charts absolutely! But something about this pattern spoke to me immediately. Maybe, just maybe, I’m bold enough to give it a try. It was written with Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in mind, but I have some Shimmer laying around that I may try this with. I’ve been looking for the right pattern and maybe this is it. I kinda thought I might do a lightweight Clapotis with the Shimmer, but now I don’t know. Decisions!

Until next time…

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