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Le Scarf

cable scarf in progress

Ok, so I’ve been working on the same old, same old project for nearly two months. But I think I’m almost done and ready to go onto the next thing. I’ve enjoyed working on the project… it was my first design! Click here to see the pattern. But there comes a time when one wishes she could just move onto the next thing. Which is why my pile of UFOs is so large… boredom kicks in before finishing gets here.

But I do have my sights set on my next project! It’s the Lace Edged Tee from Knitpicks. I already bought the yarn and pattern, despite my recently self imposed yarn diet… the pattern looks so interesting and the colors so vibrant. I chose to do mine in the orange color. The only thing is that the pattern only goes up to a size 47″, and sadly, I need to make mine just a wee bit bigger than that. So I guess I’ll be testing my guage math skills for the first time. Wow. Wish me luck! But first, I do have to finish that scarf!

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