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S.O.S.D.D. (Same Old Scarf, Different Day)

cable scarf getting longer

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve felt like I have not much to say! I’ve just been knitting away on my braided cabled scarf. A couple of traffic jams this week have caused my DH to lose a few more hairs, and we both ruptured our eardrums listening to my 4 year old son scream for more that two hours during one of them, but hey, I had my knitting with me and I was ok! I think my knitting serenity probably drove DH even crazier. But hey, it works for me.

I just noticed that you can see my cable needle stuck into the skein of yarn in this photo. I don’t use one much; in fact I prefer cabling without a cable needle. It’s simple to learn, and so much faster because it doesn’t interrupt the flow of knitting quite as much. There are several websites that teach this technique, but the one where I saw it and “got it” was on Wendy Johnson’s site. Check it out!

The Circular Knitting Wiki

I was surfing the web looking for sweaters knit in the round and came across the Circular Knitting Wiki! How cool is that? I added some stuff about knitting with one long circular (of course!)

Ever Seen These Before?

20mm Addi Turbo needles

I just bought a bunch of Addi Turbos this week in teeny tiny sizes I didn’t already have, and some larger sizes. The big ones weren’t pictured at the place where I bought them from online, so I had never seen them before. The 20mm needles are different! Kinda cool. Now I have to try and come up with something to make with them. Which is odd that I should feel so compelled; I HATE big knitting! But I gotta try these. Maybe somebody will get an unplanned scarf for Christmas this year. Haha.

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